Wheels, Tires, Undercarriage and Glass Coverage

CarFlexi Wheels, Tires, Undercarriage and Glass Coverage

With zero excess your liability is protected by the rental car provider in case of damages and theft, with the exception of wheels/ tires/ glass /mirror & undercarriage. It is standard practice for the vast majority of car rental companies not to extend cover to include these parts due to car rental companies considering this type of damage as negligence by the renter, hence Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) does not cover these parts. By purchasing our additional coverage, CarFlexi will provide protection for damages to wheels, rims, tires, undercarriage, windshield, back/ side windows/windscreen and mirror glass.

The rental car provider may withhold the estimated charge as an additional deposit along with the rental cost against your credit card until the vehicle is returned.
In the unfortunate event that any of this type of damage to wheels, rims, tires, undercarriage, windshield, back/ side windows/
windscreen and mirror glass happens, which is not covered by the rental car provider, you will be charged with the appropriate amount corresponding to the damage.

CarFlexi will refund you these charges.
*All claims must be reported to CarFlexi within 90 days after the rental period.

Wheels, Tires, Undercarriage and Glass Coverage includes:
  • Wheels/tires: up to 60 EUR (67 USD) per wheel/ tire

  • Underside: up to 250 EUR (281 USD)

  • Glass / Mirror: up to 350 EUR (393 USD)

  • NOTE For each and every claim, the maximum amount that will be paid out is a total of 500 EUR. All reimbursements will be made in EUR.

These charges can be reclaimed by providing a copy of the below documents by post:
• Rental agreement • Damage report • Police report (if in attendance)
• Evidence of payments deducted from your credit card • Declaration that you are not covered by the same loss from any other 3rd-party.

Accidents and damages that happen as a result of certain situations are not covered such as illegal drinking and driving, gross negligence, incorrect use of the handbrake, mechanical damages (clutch, gearbox etc.), damages to lock / door handle, antenna, off road driving and on unsealed roads, towing charges and any damages caused during the towing away, interior of the car, non-authorized driver, administration, engineer and immobilization fee paid to the rental car provider. CarFlexi does not cover charges for situations that are found to be breaking the terms and conditions.

General exclusions
  • Any damages due to vandalism, weather or natural disasters
  • Any damage that is already covered by your vehicle rental agreement.
  • We wish you a pleasant and safe drive!!!