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All our destinations in South Africa

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Just waiting for the deposit on my credit card to be reversed. Otherwise the car was a bit tinny but got me to A-Z and the check out did not pick up all the faults which I also did not see until my return. At least they did not try and charge me for the wheels that looked damaged which could have been hid at the time of check out due to the the light in the garage and looking for body damage not wheel damage. But I will use again.
No indication of deposit amount
1. Could not collect car at Cape Town Airport because your facilities do not accept a debit Capitec card. The irony is I used this very card in the Netherlands successfully. 2. Service at collecting and returning_ both_ took around 30 minutes plus. 3. The worst is the uplifting of the hold deposit. We have returned the car on Monday_ 16 March_ and already today is Saturday_ 21 March_ and still the hold is not lifted. Again_ the irony is_ in the Netherlands_ while returning the car_ still in their office_ the hold was lifted. When will you reach this professional service?
Toyota should be a comfortable car_but is not like that.This car was new_but to drive his car was like in 1970(old car in new body).French cars a much better and may be cheap a.Regards Michal
The radio did not work fully- the USB port did not work.

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