All our destinations in Qatar

All our destinations in Qatar

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Falta revision del coche!!
The team was very helpful and professional.
I payed online by PayPal and the payment has been added on my bank account but I had to pay by cash too at the desk because the system doesn’t showed them the online payment! I payed for it twice.
Lett å finne fram_ var fornøyd med bilen_ og ingen skjulte kostnader. Veldig fornøyd
The car was excellent_ so new that it was practically packaged in nylon_ the seats_ the doors_ everything_ and I had to ask the agent to remove it (and he did_ from my seat_ but left the rest covered). I didn_t like the fact that the tank was almost empty_ so I had to start by finding a petrol station. 14 working days to release the deposit is way too much time. I had to ask for some sort of document to prove that I had returned the car without any problems.

9.49 / 10


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