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We rent our car at he airport in Ponta Delgada und booked return at the airport_ but the Man at the desk recommend us_ to take off the car in town_ that was a wonderfull tipp for us_ because we start at 6 o_clock in the morning. The team in the office in the city was perfect_ and we get a sticker from your best and friendly employee. The car was perfect_ clean and i a top condition.
El cotxe era força antic_ però va funcionar bé. Vaig rebre un correu on deia que una persona estaria esperant-me a l_aeroport de Terceira _ i no va ser així. Cap problema per anar a l_oficina pero em va sorprendre.
Pick up and drop off was easy and well located.
Solicitei um Ford Focus e foi apresentado um Renault_ apenas está pequena observação.

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