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All our destinations in Oman

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Rates are a bit higher compared to competitors
Would have liked a quick brief on 4WD settings at pickup as I had not used 4WD before and I did need it. On return I saw another couple picking up same car type who had no idea of 4WD setting and suggested they be briefed even though user manual is in glove box. The user manual also was useful for another reason to understand the low tyre pressure indicator.
Car equiped with automatic gerabox but no cruise control_ which is not a luxury equipment nowadays even at small category car (let_s not speak about digital climate control) Dirty seats. But: acceptable price
The car_s equipment was very basic - but it had A/C and Tempomat so it was good enough after all. Car was clean and big enough.
Very good car (4WD) up to the expectations for OMAN trip (sand and dirt road) Very good service as well No issue at all

8.80 / 10


Based on 34 ratings

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