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Because of the Corona crises we left earlier than expected. Without any discussion they returned the money for the days that we didn’t use the car
The car was rented without insurance. . Herz is charging me the cost for the insurance_ which was not agreed when I rented the. At with you.
I communicated in english. but got the final invoice in dutch. I spend so much time to translate it_ becuase the cost was not the same as predicted. At the end I don_t know why was the invoice higher then it shuld be. That is why I_m disappointed. The complete service would be better if we start to communicate in english_ we will do the same languagge till the end of the proceed.
No entiendo por qué sacaron una cantidad de 58_80€ de mi cuenta el día 19 de febrero_ aparte del precio de alquiler. CF2B6C1D
yo tenía mucha ilusión por alquilar un Fiat 500 y fué lo que reservé_ pero cuando llegué me tenían un Toyota Aygo


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