All our destinations in Netherlands

All our destinations in Netherlands

Car Rental in Netherlands

Heel goede ervaring!
El coche no estaba lleno de gasolina. Mientras que yo tenía que rellenar completo.
Although there are signs of _NO SMOKING_ in the car_ there was a smell of cigarettes in it. The smell was unpleasant as we_re non-smokers.
For me this was a last minute thing due to circumstances and it worked very good for me. Didn’t think I could get it organized in under 5 min. Happy customer
לדעת החברה שודרגתי לרכב מרצדס בפועל הרכב לא תאם לי כי ביקשתי רכב בעל קיבולת וקיבלתי רכב יוקרתי ספורט שזה לא עניין אותי.

9.02 / 10


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