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All our destinations in Netherlands

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בעיקר היתה בעיה כשרצינו להוסיף נהג נוסף במהלך ההשכרה הם דרשו הגעה למקום.. לא היתה אפשרות לסריקת רישיון שליחה מייל וכדומה
During pickup there was only one damage marked to the car_ I always inspect cars before driving and I found around 7-9 additional dents/scratches which were marked in the system as well. I can not imagine what would have been if I would have not done inspection...
The car cleanness low rating was only because the car had previously a smoker in it and the car had smoker smell. I thought all cars were smoke free though. I asked the man when handing in the car and he said that they cannot do anything. Only checking if the ash tray is not used. Odd because in hotel rooms we would need to pay a fine when smoking. Rest all good
Directions to car park were not as clear as they could have been.
Renting company could provide a short info leaflet regarding parking rules in the Netherlands

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