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On the first day of having the car the battery died! Therefore I waisted a day of using the car because I had to wait a few hours for someone to get the car charged up
I booked on line but when I went to pick up car their was an extra $200 USD extra that wasn_t very clear when I ordered. Please ensure that Ii know the entire price
It was taking a lon time (more than 1 hour) to get my car. On the way back was a big crowd of cars and the staff have been overstrained
Rental agreement included Third Party LIability and CDW - nonetheless the desk clerk insisted on selling me additional insurance claiming that the CDW did NOT cover the rental vehicle. This was pattently untrue and was declined leaving us with a concern about the truth of the CDW Coverage that was included in the rental rate
The insurance you offered online it was useless... it didn´t cover anything as they told us so we had to pay for another insurance.


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