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All our destinations in Jordan

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This provider suffers from the same as others_ with shrinkflation on car sizes. I got a Nissan Sunny. While it might be a compact if you stand on your head and look sideways_ really it_s a subcompact. They were calling minis subcompacts.
What I hate about car hire is that there_s always extras. You become anxious about your decision_ there_s always different levels of insurance and what ifs!!! You have already spent loads of time choosing the company_ the car_ the level of cover and now there_s even more - questioning your decision_ increasing the cost and tainting your holiday! The doubt leads to distrust and creates anxiety.
I requested for Mazda C5_ but got Geely Azkara_ However the car was in good condition and it went well on my six day trip.
La atención al cliente es mejorable_ ya que son antipáticos los que nos atendieron_ tanto a la llegada como a la vuelta_ deja mucho que desear.
Auto hatte Gebrauchspuhren_ diese waren bei dem Preis jedoch absolut angemessen. Top!

8.30 / 10


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