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Ήταν όλα καλά μόνο το αυτοκίνητο δεν είχε καθαριστεί καθόλου εξωτερικά
Buongiorno_ e stata un esperienza veramente gradevole_niente da dire_ nessuna critica_ una compagnia da esempio👍
I want to specify that when I returned the car I forgot a phone in the armrest and in the cup under the dashboard I have a pair of Pixel headphones. I returned the car on Saturday 09.12.2023 at 6:00 a.m. and then I kept trying to contact someone to announce this_ but I didn_t succeed until Monday 11.12.2023 during the morning because no one answered on Saturday and Sunday. Counting on the professionalism of the company_ I am waiting to see if I will recover my two devices. Best Regards_ Catalin Garganciuc Rental contract no. 121946720 Mobile phone : 0040771631992
Mussten 1_5h bei der Abholung warten. Das ist inakzeptabel. Und das obwohl wir pünktlich wie reserviert angekommen sind_
Einfache_ schnelle Abwicklung!


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