All our destinations in Egypt

All our destinations in Egypt

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Leider muss der Wagen gereinigt abgegeben werden_ was aber nirgendwo steht und unüblich ist
When I rented through you_ it was using an American Express card_ which has many benefits However_ when I arrived there_ they refused to accept the card and asked for a visa_ and therefore I lost many benefits_ in addition to that I had to pay it in cash.
Orders a gear car ..they diddn_t had tried the automatic car...and if I would change the car later..I could come back...but I had a perfect automatic car!! I was happy with the car!!!
Over all of this... Good
Das Büro war beide Male nicht besetzt und das Personal musste angerufen werden_ obwohl feste Zeiten verabredet waren! Der Mann ist zwar innert 5-10 Minuten eingetroffen. Trotzdem ist es mühsam wenn zur verabredeten Zeit niemand erscheint!

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