All our destinations in Estonia

All our destinations in Estonia

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No one to return the car to_ even though the dropoff was 11:30am. I left the keys and papers in a box_ but I have heard nothing since and haven_t been emailed a receipt. I don_t like that when they give no feedback and it feels wrong. The car was in perfect condition when I returned it.
I wrota a letter to you concernIng car return but until now_ no answer! You have to work on this called _customer service_ Eckhard Kallweit
Booked a car for 2 Large suitcase/s_ 3 Small suitcase/s_ but reality was 2 Large suitcase/s_ 2 Small suitcase/s
Das die Selbstsuche „Vermittlung“ im Internet 24€ kostet konnte man bei der Buchung nicht erkennen. Daher keine Weiterempfehlung.
The rate that was offeref on the web page was totally different from what i had to pay on pick up. That was deceptive and unfair.

8.29 / 10

Very Good

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