All our destinations in Germany

All our destinations in Germany

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Добрый день с меня фирма взяла за прокат 100 евро.Почему?
Still didn_t receive my credit card return of my deposit.
Surprisingly_ halfway through our drive_ the car started to give warnings about low AdBlue (about 700km left_ after that the car would not start again). Luckily_ that was just enough to get ourselves driven to destination and back_ but we couldn_t have made any additional trips if we would_ve wanted to. That_s a shame and I think the rental agency should really take care of that_ not the customer. I hope you can adjust your AdBlue checking process!
Car was almost new_ only 12_000km. Enjoyed the service provided and the driving experience with a _brand_ new car.
Написали что машина была грязная и снаружи и внутри. Это не правда. Машина была идеально чистой. Не курили и не ели в машине только пили воду. Залог за машину вернули в полном объёме

8.71 / 10


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