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Very helpful member of staff on picking up the vehicle
Car (Opel Astra) have been too used (steering wheel and interior)_ with really basic equipment (radio without BT or USB_ without armrest_ without cruise control).
Your website is way off with the pricing.... there_s no flights/airports are closed yet you_re upping the rates likes it a full tourist season here.
Two days after renting the car an orange maintenance warning light came on_ so I had to return the car to the depot (a one hour drive away) to exchange the car and was told the warning light was only a service warning light_ which i knew already what the problem was as the car had reduced acceleration with sluggish engine performance and a smell of sulfur or rotten eggs from the exhaust. Meaning the cars Catalytic Converter was not regularly maintained_ and if the Catalytic Converter had failed while we were out and about_ it would have been a wasted day for us. The second car (same make and model) excepted in exchange was in better condition.
I could use the car only 2 days due to Cyprus lockdown ((

8.84 / 10


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