All our destinations in Costa Rica

All our destinations in Costa Rica

Car Rental in Costa Rica

The mandatory insurance option increased the total rental cost over 3x. It would have been great to have this transparency ahead of time. How this mandatory cost was represented on the bill was also confusing. It was listed as $24.99/day (for 8 days) and somehow came to over $300. The bill didn_t make it clear where that extra $100 came from.
I was very surprised by the charges on insurances that were given to me. I wish I had known before. I felt a little fooled by your advertising.
Siempre anuncian que abren en Aeropuerto San Jose 4.30 AM_ pero no es así. Como mi vuelo era 6AM_ tuve que llamar a oficinas centrales para solicitar apertura 5.30 y así recibir mi auto alquilado. Por suerte nos atendieron muy bien : el señor Carlos_ un lujo de operador tanto en tiempo como en eficiencia.
Me parecio muy costoso el cobro por el combustible faltante; en mi caso lo cobraron el doble
Muy agradable y volvería a usar sus servicios

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