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I believe it is required to add more manpower to your office it_s took a long time to take the car since most of customers like your company.
1. I requested them only 2 more hours after 20 days reservation but they refused!!! really i felt upset!! 2. I got Traffic violation and paid it dirctly with police man and i got the receipt for the payment. But when dropoff the car to airport Almo desk the take money from me again!! I dont know why?? otherwise every thing was good and i liked the car.
Det bör vara möjligt att åka utanför landet utan att behöva betala så mycket - bör ingå i priset. Larm bör kopplas bort (då man låser bilen eller låser upp) -folk runt om blir skrämda speciellt sena nätter.
الاختيار مشابه للطلب ولكن السعر عالي نسبيا مقارنة بقبل شهر ونصف
The hiring rates is a bit high comparing to similar destination (ex. Munich or Zurich airports)!

8.60 / 10


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