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A Dacia Step way is not at all similar to a VW Golf. This car had no navigation screen and a lot of manual things like setting up the mirrors. I felt a bit cheated. Also_ the cars are branded_ and I for sure do not want to be in a foreign country with a label that implies _here is a tourist_
They took 55 $. For only 2 spot inside the car it can go buy water and brush only !!?
Beim Online reservieren war ein Preis_ beim Bestellen und Bezahlen ein höherer Preis. Besser direkt vor Ort Mietfahrzeug. mieten. Genaue Preisberechnung.
Highly recommended. Great service. Thank you.
The car had petrol motor instead of diesel. Inside_ the car was in perfect condition.

8.73 / 10


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