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חייבו עוד בעוד 40%_ כ 100 יורו ליומיים_ על ביטוח_ למרות ששילמתי מראש על ביטוח מלא
On our arrival at the pick up counter_ in Vienna_ there were approximately 15 people in line ahead of us waiting for their vehicles._ with one agent behind the counter. After a a long day and an 8 hour flight. the wait of 2 hours. was not customer service. The agent was efficient _ but the discontent of people waiting was obvious.
Nos cobraron más del doble del precio de reserva de web por suplementos que no aparecían en el momento de la reserva y el seguro que contraté (y pagué) con la web no es válido para ellos
I try to contact the phone number but nobody answer and I depend call taxi to hotel and return to pick up car next day and waste our 1/2 day _ stuck in hotel
Litt utfordrende å finne utleie avdelingen da den var i et annet bygg.

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