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All our destinations in Austria

Car Rental in Austria

I booked a station wagon. I received a liftback_ which suited my needs 100%_ but may be not so for others.
Skyltningen i garaget tyckte vi var förvirrande_ vi hade problem med att hitta plats att ställa bilen på_ irrade runt och försökte förstå var vi skulle ta vägen
Not happy with the usual insurance issues. I thought I had purchased all the insurance necessary when booking_ but the hire_er said I was not covered for the excess (€800}. These continual insurance add on_s make the advertised rate for the vehicle look nothing near to the final price.
Apart from the fact that the rental com name is written in such small letters n it wasnt written where the office is Everything else was great
its take time at chekin but at reteren it was very good ... good service ...

8.46 / 10


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