All our destinations in Armenia

All our destinations in Armenia

Car Rental in Armenia

в основном все было хорошо. Мы вернули машину в прилично чистом виде_ но с нас потребовали плату за помойку машины. Не в кокой другой компании пороката такова небыло.
It was good experience and happy with the service.
We were upgraded the car category for free - this is a big plus. The rear suspension of the car was broken - this is a minus.
Большой пробег автомобиля _ более 190000 км.
The car had only 70.000 km done but I had a feeling that it is much for older. The technical condition of the car was not the best one. The car made strange noises and smell bad. Ussually when a rent a car a receive a relatvely new car which smell nice.

8.39 / 10


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