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Ik opteerde voor een wagen met ruime koffer. Helaas bleek dit bij het concreet beschikbaar voertuig veel minder het geval dan bij het geslecteerde voertuig.
I tried to amend my rental contract from my vacation_ but didn_t get anybody on the phone at the Brussels agency (_Because of the situation_ we cannot answer the phone right now_ - this is what the answering machine said). Then I called the general number and ended up in the US. They then called the agents in Brussels (I don_t know how they reached them)_ and told me that they said it was fine to extend my rental contract. So at least I had the information I needed_ but that was a bit weird to me_ Other than that_ I was very happy with the car; and thankful that I got this upgrade!
Friendliness at pickup desk was initially not very good_ improved after a couple of minutes. Otherwise good experience. Car was tiny but a pleasure to drive. Overall good experience.
El seguro contratado no ha satisfecho mis necesidades.
Friendly an helpful staff. Car was clean and in very good condition.5* service!


8,67 / 10


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